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The latest on Katie Mae!


At his 7 year physical JT was 3 foot 8 inches (3%) and 41 lbs 11 oz (6%) (Boo- JT will get to go meet the same pediatric endocrinologist we took James too since he's so small!).  We delight in our big boy so much, he has a great sense of humor, is kind and helpful, and has a creative imagination. JT is going into 2nd grade- He is reading and writing, loves math and is just so grown up.  

We are so excited that in January 2012 JT asked Jesus to come live in his heart and to forgive his sins.  We are thrilled to know that JT will spend eternity in heaven!

last updated August 4, 2015

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Katie turned 5 in February and now she is starting kindergarten!  She is so social and loves to learn and play with friends.  Katie is always making up silly songs, telling make believe stories, and making everyone laugh.  At her 5 year exam Kate was 30% for height at 3'5" and 59% for weight at 41 pounds. 

Kate was hearing so much about Jesus at home and at church that she asked Jesus to live in her heart in August 2012!  After watching baptisms at church, Kate wanted to have that same joy she kept hearing about.  We are so thankful to have two children who have already expressed a love for Jesus and show a desire to follow after Him.  Now Kate prays that James will love Jesus too...

Just a fun note... we chose the name Katherine Mae to honor her Grandma Kathy and her Grandma Gae and her Grandpa Mel.  It was kind of fun to find a way to reuse family names.  Especially since JT was named in tradition with giving the first son his dad’s middle name, something Chris’ parents had done for him.

James Daniel

    James gets to join his brother and sister at their school for preschool 4 mornings a week this year!  He is talking more all the time, and we hope he will catch up to his peers soon!  This summer we are working on potty training... we're getting close to being diaper free around here! 

    James is three- no more baby in our house! He seems to be taking after his siblings and is on the small side, at his 3 year exam he was 8% for weight and 4% for height- he is 27 pounds 3 ounces and 2’ 11” tall.  This Spring we took James to the pediatric endocrinologist because he is so small- the good news is that he doesn't qualify for growth hormone supplements.  The bad news is he is currently projected to be 5'2"!  We need to fatten our boy up!

    James is so active and physical- he climbs everything and tries to do everything the big kids can do.  You should see him on the playground!  He is also the snuggliest, sweetest, terror you ever met!  It's a good thing the other kids adore him, because he's constantly hitting them with toys and wrecking their creations and creating all kinds of havoc!